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Share Savings Accounts

Membership in the Hartford Firefighters' Federal Credit Union is established by payment of a $5 membership fee, an initial deposit of $5 into your share account and final approval by our membership officer. Dividends are compounded quarterly and posted to your account at that time. For current rates, ask any staff member. Every share account of $50 or more receives dividends, and there are never any added "service charges" assessed. The payment of dividends is calculated on an "average daily balance" method, and you may withdraw from your shares as much and as often as needed, unless — by prior agreement — your shares are being held for a loan payment or pledged as security against a loan.

CDI insurance will reimburse you for loan payments you make on your loan in the event you are disabled and cannot work after a period exceeding 30 days. It is available for any type of loan up to $30,000.00 and/or 120 months in duration and/or up to $600.00 in monthly payments per loan. Life Insurance is available to you and any co-makers who wish to purchase the policy. The only limitation on the loan protection insurance — you must be under 70 years of age and actively at work performing all of the usual duties of your occupation at the time the loan is advance to you. See the Credit Union for details on costs and coverages.

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Share Draft Accounts

The Hartford Firefighters' Federal Credit Union also makes available to all its members a checking account with no monthly service charges — known as the "Share draft Account". The only expense members must cover is the check printing charge which is dependent upon the type of checks offered. Included among the features of this account is a no-charge "telephone transfer" privilege — which allows you to transfer money from your regular share account. A minimum balance of $5.00 is required at all times to keep your account open on our accounting system. The following miscellaneous charges will also apply to all share draft accounts as of this date and are subject to change with proper notification.

  1. $39.00 each effective 3/3/2014
  2. $10.00 each
  3. $5.00 each
  4. *$20.00 per hour (N/C for the first time)
  5. *$5.00 per transfer effective 3/1/2017
  6. *$5.00 per month (after 6 months)
  7. *$3.00 per occurrence
  8. $10.00 per occurrence

Share draft accounts receive monthly statements, so it is easy to keep your account in balance, and you produce a "voucher" copy of every check (draft) you write. Overdraft transfers are available. Call the Credit Union for procedure.

Click here to view our Check Clearing Policies

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Hartford Firefighters Federal Credit Union makes all types of loans to members for just about any and/or all purposes: personal loans, new or used car loans, home improvement loans, debt consolidation, etc. The credit union will make every attempt to approve or reject a loan application within one working day of its receipt, but it sometimes takes a week or more to process all the required credit checks and references. Current rates may be obtained from any staff member. The interest on all loans is calculated on a per day basis: which means you pay interest only on the exact amount of time you own the credit union money — with no prepayment penalties. Regardless of the purpose of the loan, you may take up to 48 months (4 years) to repay. The only exceptions to this are loans for payment of annually recurring nature (vacation, insurance payments, taxes, etc), mortgages and new auto loans. Various mortgage programs are available either through the credit union or our partner, C.U. Member's Mortgage (call C.U. for current details). For your added convenience, the C.U. has two Loan Officers as part of its permanent staff — simple promissory notes of less than $15,000.00 can sometimes be arranged within 24 hours. Our Lending Policies are designed to comply with all Truth-in-Lending, Full and Fair Disclosure, and Equal Credit Opportunity Laws, and are available for examination upon request at the C.U. office. Late penalty charges may apply.

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Payroll Deduction

The safest, most convenient method for all your banking functions is through payroll deduction. Any firefighter or retiree on the city of Hartford payroll can authorize the city to withhold an amount from their weekly (or monthly) paycheck — to be deposited directly to your account by the Credit Union. This is the painless way to save or set aside money to pay bills — and it adds up faster than you would believe! If you wish, you can even arrange to have your check sent directly to the Credit Union and make pre-arranged deposits to your savings or checking account — without ever having to worry about setting aside time to do your banking! Your paycheck stub and a deposit slip is mailed out on Fridays, and with payroll deductions to cover loan payments; you need never worry about making loan payments on time — the Credit Union will automatically transfer your loan payment from your share account once a month! "Direct Deposit" of Fire Department, Government, Social Security, or private sector checks can also be arranged through the Credit Union.

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Other Services

  • Competitive rates on shares and loans
  • Fast and efficient loan processing
  • Reduced rate Creditors Insurance (optional)
  • Audio "HOTLINE" banking
  • On Line Banking
  • Banking-by-mail and telephone transfer privileges
  • Cashier's checks
  • Christmas Club accounts
  • Vacation Club accounts
  • Share Certificates
  • IRA's and Debit Cards
  • VISA cards
  • Travelers Express Money Orders
  • Direct Deposit
  • No Fee Notary Service
  • Friendly, Personalized Service
  • and all accounts insured up to $250,000

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